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Sell Real Estate Quickly and Efficiently at Full Market Value with Real Property Advisors, Inc.

Consider the benefits of today's accelerated real estate auction marketing techniques:


  • A quick sale at full market value; in as little as 60 - 90 days through competitive bidding;
  • The Seller dictates the terms of sale and maintains control of the property;
  • Contingencies are either eliminated or minimized;
  • A 30-day intensive, targeted marketing campaign with Broker cooperation puts your property in front of the largest possible number of potential Buyers;
  • Conventional financing and upfront disclosures attract the largest number of qualified Buyers to arrive on auction day fully informed about your property and ready to bid!
  • Experienced, licensed and bonded real estate auctioneers to see to the successful sale of your real properties.
The Accelerated Marketing Program© developed by Real Property Advisors, Inc. is unlike the distressed property auctions you might imagine. Our real estate professionals are not standing on the court house steps after providing minimal advertising for your property and selling to all-cash Buyers who specialize in auction transactions. On the contrary, the Real Property Advisors, Inc. program is a mix of the best practices used in both conventional and auction marketing sales, and eliminating the negatives. 


The National Association of Realtors® predicts that one-third of all properties sold in the U.S. will be sold at auction. According to the National Association of Auctioneers, real estate auctions are generating $16 billion per year and growing as smart, motivated Sellers and Buyers catch on to these quick, clean and fair real estate transactions. There's a reason why the world's most prized possession items, including real estate, are sold at auction: They are exposed to the largest numbers of potential Buyers and attract the highest prices! Learn more, then contact us to provide you with a sales and marketing campaign custom designed to address the real estate you want sold!

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