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-Mow the lawn, trim trees and shrubs away from the house.

-Remove dead plants, flowers & shrubs.

-Put away tools, garbage cans, hoses, toys & building materials.

-Remove window screens while selling your home & keep windows clean.

-Check for broken roof shingles and clean out gutters.

-Seal or resurface driveway.

-Clear patios and decks of planters, flower pots, charcoal & barbecues.

-Dress up front yard shrubs & lamp posts with fresh mulch.

-Repaint or refinish trim around windows and doors.
-Clean all light fixtures and replace with bright bulbs.

-Turn on all the lights before a buyer arrives to show there is nothing to hide.

-Roll up and remove small rugs.

-Fill the house with a fresh scent. Heat vanilla on the stove or bake a batch of cookies.

-Spotlessly clean woodwork & carpeting.

-Clear window ledges of all objects to give a nice glimpse inside & out.

-Repaint walls in a neutral color such as antique white.



-Discard worn furniture & move extras to a storage area.

-Visit a model home to get decorating ideas.

-Clear away all magazines, books & other objects from furniture.

-Take down pictures that hide walls. Patch nail holes & paint.

-Add lamps & lighting in dark areas.

-Open the curtains.

-Set out fresh flowers.



-This is the 2nd most important-to-be appealing room.

-Define areas by furniture arrangement. Keep it simple.

-Be sure clothes are hung up.

-Store off-season clothing elsewhere.

-Clean out closets enough for buyers to get a good idea of storage size.

-Make sure nothing is left under beds; add bed skirts for cleaner look.



-Clean the stove, oven, range hood and countertops.

-Repair drippy faucets and squeaks or binds in cabinet drawers. Make sure cabinet hardware is also cleaned.

-Discard old food & leftovers from refrigerator.

-Remove messages, pictures, and magnets from refrigerator.

-Clear small appliances, dish drainer, and cookware from countertop.

-Wipe down cabinets and clear out items under the sink.



-Clean fireplace & remove any items in front of it.

-Replace carpet if it has a loud color.

-Remove magazines, books, video games, toys, and other clutter.

-Create an easy going, relaxed atmosphere.

-Dust and simplify shelves; remove family photos.






-Remove any unnecessary items from the vanity, tub, etc.

-The fixtures, tile & shower curtain should be immaculate.

-Caulk & grout tile. Bleach discolored grout.

-Remove any wall paper that is not "conservative".

-Decorate with towels.

-Check bath vents are working properly.

-Make sure all fixtures work properly and fix leaks.


-Clean or replace HVAC filter. Clean air returns.

-Test all smoke detectors.

-Clean chimney, fireplace, or wood stove.

-Remove any wall paper that is not "conservative".

-Make sure all windows, doors, and cabinets open easily without squeaks; replace rusty hinges.

-Check ventilation in attic, basement, and crawlspace; update if necessary.